Refund and Returns Policy

Return Policy – LuckyStore AE

We have a 2-day return policy. If you want to return our product, you can return it within 2 days. Our return policy is met with several conditions, like the product you return the same as we provide you with. Otherwise, no return and refund available.

Our brand employees and the manager take the tested control constraints to ensure the highest quality medicine we provided for you. No doubt the medicine provided by is of the highest quality and organic.

Also,  provides a facility for return in case the product arrives damaged, cracked or incorrect. You can contact us on 056 9590 844 or email us:  immediately to complain, we are responsible to listen your complain and return as soon as possible. We cannot provide a return policy in some special cases, such as

  • Once you buy medicine, you cannot return
  • Within 2 days you can return in case of any crack or damage during delivery
  • The used hygiene product cannot return
  • Wearable and body care products cannot return
  • Skincare products, baby  formula, powder milk, makeup, cosmetics, or other products can be returned without use with original packaging.  Otherwise, we cannot return or refund you.

Special Points we took during the return process

  •    For return, 1st you need to call us on 056 9590 844 or email us quickly
  •    Our inspection team check the special product terms and then contact you for return available or not
  •    If your product is eligible for a return, we will send within 2 days and he will collect the product from you.

Note: In case of a product return the customer will pay the delivery charges.