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Vimax Cream is an herbal male enhancement formula to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence. Its unique formula contains natural shark oil extract to dilate the blood vessels and enhance the blood flow rate around genital area to delay ejaculations. Vimax Cream provides necessary energy to penile tissues to boost your performance. This product also works to reduce sex-related stress to satisfy the sexual desire of your partner.

Apply a pea size amount at least 25 minutes before sexual activity to absorb efficiently. Stop using this cream in case of severe skin allergies. Visit your doctor for further details before using this product.


Treat erectile dysfunction or impotence

Increase the blood reflux in the penis

Increase the size, duration, and strength of erections

Prolong the duration of sexual activity

Boost stamina, performance, and sexual confidence

Non-sticky, odorless, stain-free, and non-toxic topical cream

100% herbal ingredients

No side effects

Important instruction:

Before utilizing this cream or gel on Your Skin, counsel a specialist. Skin sickness patient doesn’t use it without the counsel of a specialist. It could be destructive to your skin and harm the tissue of the skin.


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