Spanishche Fliege


Active Ingredients
All the ingredients used in Spanish fly are extracted from organic sources like plants, seeds, vegetables, and herbs. Ingredients used in coitus drops are natural and effective.
Packaging detail- Pack of 3 * 60 ml
Usage Instructions
Take it by mixing some drops in drinks before intercourse.
It’s recommended to use the product 30-45minutes before intercourse.


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Spanische fliege drops are a common remedy that’s taken among people to solve low coitus drive. It’s one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs that’s recommended today to increase women’s libido because it’s a natural product. Many drops of this natural product are enough to stimulate sexual feelings and version. It reduces stress and gives strength to women by putting them in the factual mood of coition. It helps the vagina to bear the object without pain and stress. Most ladies love to attract their partners and take the drops for the enhancement of sensibilities. These drops affect the hormones and therefore, ladies get hot and wild enough to do intercourse with their partner for a long time duration. The drops are best to enhance the feelings of doing intercourse and concern about the intercourse activities with the partner the whole night. Most ladies become hot and sexy after taking these drops and therefore, the drops are best for sexual improvement.
Spanishche fliege slick the vagina improves blood inflow to the vaginal area, clitorally, and builds up the chances of having a violent orgasm.


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