Slimming hot Creams



Red chili infused hot spicy formula for weight loss

Effectively burn fatty acid

Speed up body’s metabolic rate

Fast-absorbing formula for weight loss

Moisturize skin tissues

Suitable for all skin types

Cause no skin irritations, skin allergies, or rashes


Please consult a certified dermatologist before using this slimming cream.


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Product Description:

Slimming Hot Cream is a non-surgical formula to burn unnecessary fatty acids from all parts of your body.

Mode Of Action:

Its red chili infused hot spicy formula quickly penetrates skin tissues to burn fatty acids from all parts of body. It works by increasing body’s natural metabolic rate and eliminates deposited fatty acids from adipose tissues. It deeply moisturizes skin cells to uplift complexion.


Each pack contains 200g cream. Apply it on the required area and massage gently in circular motion using forefinger and thumb until it is absorbed completely. Use it twice a day to get the desired results.

Important instruction:

Before Using these Tablets contact to Doctor. Heart patient, High blood pressure, diabetes patient Use this medicine after counseling a specialist Doctor.  Without Doctor Guidance, it causes side effects on Your Health.