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Men’s Vip male sex stimulant gel helps to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence. This product works by promoting the blood flow rate to the male organ and relaxes connective tissues to extend the duration, strength, and size of erections. Its active ingredients boost your stamina, delay prospermia, and enhance sex drive to satisfy your partner with multiple orgasms.

Apply a coin size on your private parts at least 10 minutes before intercourse and massage gently until it is absorbed. This product is not suitable for patients suffering from major health-related issues or individuals below 18 years. Visit a licensed physician before using this gel.


Reduce erectile dysfunction

Increase blood circulation in the male organ

Improve male sex drive and passion

Boost stamina and performance

Extend the duration, strength, and size of erections

Restore male sexual confidence

Intensify climax

Stain-free, odor-free, non-sticky, and non-toxic gel

Important instruction:

Before utilizing this cream or gel on Your Skin, counsel a specialist. Skin sickness patient doesn’t use it without the counsel of a specialist. It could be destructive to your skin and harm the tissue of the skin.


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