Max Man Spray


 Application: Apply spray as required to the head of the genital organ before intercourse.


Use according to the prescription of the doctor

Do not use it if you are allergic to anesthetics

 Pack Size: 40ML


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An approved quality product formulated to reduce over-sensitivity and prolong sexual pleasure. To aid sexual confidence Maxman spray will exert a calming effect. Apply maxman spray to your penis. It is the least demanding method of making your actual closeness.

This spray is an easy-to-use. The Maxman spray is a condom-accommodating item. Whenever you have applied the spray, you will experience sexual intercourse time increasing up to 30 minutes. Maxman spray functions as an effective, and you may use it consistently with no danger.

For men, it is the best defer spray. Furthermore, this best-quality spray takes your sexual intercourse delight to an alternate stature. It helps your sexual certainty and expands your endurance.


  1. Advance Formula
  2. Reduce Over-Sensitivity
  3. Prolong Pleasure
  4. Non-toxic and Colorless
  5. NO Harm to Skin