Max Man Power Capsules


  • Safety Information:

* Before use read the label carefully

* Place away from direct sunlight

* Use by doctor’s advise

* Allergic patients do not use it


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    • Product Information

    Max Man Capsule is a herbal made and clinically proven to increase erection stamina in men. It helps with weakness, facing erectile dysfunction, and power. These capsules increase your sexual pleasure and intercourse time by up to 30 minutes. You can stay longer in bed and enjoy yourself more.

    • Ingredients:

    Orchis latifolia

    Asparagus adscendens

    Glycyrrhiza glabra

    Withania somnifera

    Crocus sativus

    Cuscuta reflexa

    Anacyclus pyrethrum

    Eclipta alba

    Hyoscyamus niger

    Asparagus racemose

    Mystical fragrances

    Black bitumen

    Nigella sativa

    • Benefits:

    _ Heightens sexual sensitivity

    _ May enlarge your penis

    _ Increases orgasm pleasure

    _ Helps in long-lasting sex drive

    _ Stronger and more durable erections

    _ Increased sexual stamina

    _ Achieve the additional powerful poking ability

    _ Last as Long as you would like

    _ Safe and natural member enlargement


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