Green Bubble Soft Gel Keratin Capsules



All-natural, anti-drying, and anti-bifurcation hair nourishment capsules

Cause detoxification of hair follicles

Enhance blood circulation to hair follicles

Fight against hair fall

Restore keratin development in hair follicles

Promote ultra-efficient hair growth

Reverse premature graying of hair

Restore shine

Cause no side effects


Please consult a certified physician before using these hair nourishment capsules


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Product Description:

Green Bubble Soft Gel Keratin Capsules promote the growth of hair follicles to get denser, stronger, and thicker hair growth.

Mode Of Action:

This all-natural hair growth product detoxifies hair follicles that improve blood circulation towards hair follicles. It contains appropriate blend of ingredients that fight against hair fall and premature graying of hair. As it restores keratin production in hair strands, it enhances shine, strength, and growth of hair.


Each pack contains 1000mg x 10 capsules. Take one capsule daily with simple or follow the instructions of your physician.

Important instruction:

Before Using these Tablets contact to Doctor. Heart patient, High blood pressure, diabetes patient Use this medicine after counseling a specialist Doctor.  Without Doctor Guidance, it causes side effects on Your Health.