Fitting insertions



Herbal vaginal tightening tablets

Tighten and strengthen vaginal muscles

Make vagina horny wet

Inhibit vaginal swelling

Prevent unpleasant odor

Intensify intimate pleasure

Prolong the duration of intercourse

Prevent leucorrhea

Cause no side effects


Please see a licensed gynecologist before using these vaginal tightening tablets.



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Product Description:

Fitting Insertions Vaginal Tightening Tablets tighten your vagina virgin tight to enjoy all benefits of the intercourse.

Mode Of Action:

It is made of herbal ingredients that instantly increase blood circulation to the vagina. It helps to tighten vaginal muscles and increases vaginal secretions to prolong the duration of intercourse. These vaginal tightening tablets shrink and reshape vaginal muscles to achieve satisfaction during intercourse. It also removes bad odor, vaginal swelling, and leucorrhea that make your virgin hot.


Each pack contains 4 tablets. Wash vagina and your hands. Take one tablet, place it carefully inside your vagina, rotate it, and leave it.


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