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Dexe Hair Building Fiber is a natural keratin microfiber based treatment to give a younger look. This advanced formula contains 100% chemical-free and non-toxic ingredients to replace your bald areas with shinny smooth hair fibers. It is made from fine keratin fibers and contains static charges that quickly adhere to the surface of previously existing hair.

Shake the bottle and place hair fibers by facing the bottle in a downward direction above your head. Gently pat the area to evenly distribute the fibers over head. This product is suitable for both men and women. Say good-bye to bald patches and give a naturally fuller look to your hair!


  • Made from natural colored hair fibers
  • Give a natural fuller look
  • Make your hair thicker and denser
  • Simple, easy, non-surgical, and painless treatment
  • No side effects
  • 100% safe and non-toxic formula
  • Easy to remove with shampoo
  • Show no signs of bald patches


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