Delay cream



Reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Increase blood circulation to the male organ

Maintain bigger, harder, and stronger erections

Intensify climax

Maximize pleasure

Boost libido

Increase energy level

Suitable for all skin types

Cause no side effects


Please see a licensed physician before using this male enhancement product.


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Product Description:

Delay Cream treats erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, and premature ejaculation to satisfy your partner with multiple orgasms.

Mode Of Action:

Its fast-acting formula quickly penetrates the genital area and increases blood flow to the male organ. Hence, it increases the size, strength, and duration of intercourse to make love all night long with your partner. It maximizes pleasure and intensifies climax to get full satisfaction during intercourse.


Apply a small amount and massage gently in circular motion using forefinger and thumb until it is absorbed completely. Use it at least 20-30 minutes before intercourse.

Important Instructions:

Before Using this cream or gel on Your Skin, counsel a specialist. Skin sickness patient doesn’t use it without the counsel of a specialist. It could be destructive to your skin and harm the tissue of the skin.


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