Catherine Herbal Weight Loss Tea



All-natural and detoxifying slimming formula

Contain all essential dietary ingredients

Burn fatty acids from adipose tissues

Increase the body’s natural metabolic rate

Suppress appetite

Detoxify free radicals and toxins

Improve complexion

Suitable for both men and women

Cause no side effects


Please consult a certified dietician before using this herbal weight loss tea


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Product Description:

Catherine Herbal Weight Loss Tea is an all-natural weight loss formula to get slimmer, sexier, and more attractive figure in just 30 days.

Mode Of Action:

It contains appropriate blend of ingredients that speed up body’s natural metabolic rate to effectively burn fatty acids from adipose tissues. It suppresses appetite that reduces your urge to consume more food. As it detoxifies body tissues, it improves your complexion and maintains a healthy body.


Each pack contains 64 bags. Use two tea bags daily after meals or follow the instructions of your dietician.