Who we are

Suggested text: Our website address is: https://luckystore.ae/


Luckystore.ae know the importance of protecting customers’ personal information.  When you buy something from our company, we provide complete privacy. We follow the laws, rules and regulations concerning privacy policy.


luckystore.ae is a licensed and legal medicine company that works on different privacy acts. Luckystore.ae gives you complete comfort when buying top medicine.


We work according to these laws and regulations. 

  • Save your personal information 

Luckystore.ae will be responsible for your personal information and hiding it from the unauthorized.  Just use name, email, and contact only for specific purposes. 

  •    Specific purpose

Luckystore.ae only uses personal information for the main purpose, like sending you medicine. No worry about your personal data because our privacy manager completely knows how important your data is. 

  •    Don’t send personal information to a 3rd party

We are legal and our privacy also includes rules. Your personal data isn’t shared with any third party for illegal purposes. We are responsible to save your personal data with 100% privacy.

  • We have a strict privacy policy to protect your data

Luckystore.ae cannot provide the personal data of customers to the 3rd party due to laws and regulations regarding control of personal data. So you can easily buy medicine with full privacy.

  •    Give proper training to the employees for privacy of information

For privacy issues and controlling the information of clients,  we gave the proper training sessions to the employees. So they know your data security is important for us. We supervise our employees to handle their data carefully and efficiently.

If someone requests to remove or erase the personal data, luckystore.ae is responsible for removing the personal data of that employee completely.