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VIP Gold Herbs Honey contains special rainforest herbs to enhance male vitality. It significantly increases the blood flow to the male organ and boost stamina to improve the strength, size, & duration of erections. The regular use of this product boosts testosterone level that improves sexual functionality. VIP Gold Herbs Honey improves physical fitness to reverse the signs of aging.

Squeeze one sachet in a glass of water at least 20-45 minutes before intercourse. Take the advice of your doctor for further details. This product is not suitable for individuals suffering from severe medical problems.


Reduce the symptoms of sexual coldness and erectile dysfunction

Delay ejaculations

Boost libido and sexual performance

Prolong the duration of sexual activity

Enhance sexual stamina and energy

Improve general physical fitness

Increase testosterone level and sperm quality

100% pure honey fortified with royal jelly, bee pollen & rainforest herbs

No side effects


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