Vega 100mg Sildenafil


Package Detail:

Each box contains 7 sachets x 5gm.

Method Of Use:

Consume one sachet at least 20-30 minutes before intercourse.


Reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Increase blood circulation to the male organ

Stimulate sexual drive

Boost stamina

Support bigger, harder, and stronger erections

Prolong the duration of intercourse

Available in banana, chocolate, mango, pineapple, orange, mint, and strawberry flavors

Easy to consume product

Cause no side effects

Maximize pleasure

Intensify climax


Please see a certified physician before using this male enhancement product.




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Vega Extra Cobra Oral Jelly treats erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This male enhancement product increases blood reflux to the male organ to support bigger, harder, and stronger erections for a longer duration. It boosts stamina and sexual drive that support multiple orgasms. Get your favorite flavor to maximize pleasure and enjoy all benefits of a healthy sexual relationship!