Super Viga 99000 dealy spray


  • How to Use:-

Apply on the penis for 10 minutes before sexual activity. From the front area to the middle area of the penis.

  • Benefits:-

Helps in increasing sexual timing

Increases stamina

Provides satisfaction for both partners

Enhanced sexual performance

  • Price:- 100 AED

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  • Product Description:-

Life becomes boring when your sex life is not healthy and active. Healthy sex life is good for both your body and your mind as well. But there are some people who due to premature ejaculation problems cannot get natural sexual enjoyment and due to this they suffer and often leading to breakups and divorces.

But now there is a simple and highly effective remedy which is Super Viga 99000 Extra Strong Delay Spray. It can help you enjoy fulfilling sex with your partner. This is an extra power delay spray through which you can enjoy a prolonged coital time, as long as more than your usual time.

Premature ejaculation can make your partner feel dissatisfied when you couldn’t last enough to give her an orgasm. But you can enjoy thorough sex using Super Viga 99000 Extra Strong Delay Spray. Apply spray over the end of the penis and for 5 minutes allow it to get absorbed over the skin. And then you can simply go on and on. You can try various positions and give her more pleasure. This product is also good for normal men with active sexual energy sources but who to prolong their sex time in bed.