Stud 5000



Each bottle contains 50ml liquid. Wash the genital area, spray it on the head of the male organ at least 15 minutes before intercourse.


Treat erectile dysfunction

Reduce over-sensitivity of the male organ

Delay ejaculations

Support bigger, harder, and stronger erections

Prolong duration of intercourse

Boost libido

Maximize pleasure

Intensify climax

Increase energy level

Restore male confidence and energy level

Suitable for all skin types

No side effects


Please see a licensed physician before using this male enhancement product.


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Product Description:

Stud 5000 male enhancement spray reduces the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation that improve overall male performance.

Mode Of Action:

Its proven male enhancement formula reduces over sensitivity of the male organ that extends the duration of intercourse. Hence, it delays ejaculations and supports bigger, stronger, and harder erections to satisfy your bed partner. It also improves stamina and libido that maximize the pleasure during intercourse.