Penis Pump


  • Benefits:
  1. Treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  2. Maintain bigger, and stronger erections
  3. Extend the duration of intercourse
  4. Visibly increase the length of the male organ
  5. Easy-to-use pumping device
  • Precaution:

Please see a certified physician or doctor before using this penis enlargement pump.


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  • Description:

A penis Pump is a safe enlargement device for increasing penis size and treating erectile dysfunction. By using this device you can increase intercourse pleasure. You can make happier to your partner by increasing intercourse time. It generates negative pressure that boosts blood supply to the male organ to maintain longer erections. Increase the length of the penis to enjoy deep penetrating intercourse.

  • Package Details:

Each pack contains:-

a plastic tube

a suction device

a base ring

  • Method Of Use:

Wash the penis area, apply a lubricant, and then place the penis pump directly on the penis. Use a pumping device to generate pressure unless you achieve the desired results. To avoid side effects carefully remove it.



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