Idol slim 60 capsules – Price 200 AED


    • How to eat

    – Before breakfast take 1 capsule with water.  Open and mix capsules into tea, stir well and drink.

    Price:- 200 AED


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  • Product Description

Idol slim capsule for weight loss is extracted from natural medicinal herbs. It reduces fatigue in your body. You can lose weight within a few days by using Idol slim Capsules.

  • Ingredients

– Coffee beans

– White beans contain l-carnitine

– Cactus

– Plant collagen

– Non-fat vegetable sugars

  • Benefits
  1. Safely release fat through the excretory system
  2. Reduce cravings
  3. Prevent the absorption of fat
  4. Store excess fat effectively
  5. No side effects
  6. No stimulants
  7. Do not affect brain organs
  8. Selecting concentrated ingredients for resistant people
  9. Concentrated formula
  10. Develop more concentrated formulas
  11. Reduce belly, upper arms, and thighs, break down the fat dough
  12. No problem with drug resistance