Cobra 200-Sildenafil 200mg Tablets






* Increase the timing and power

* Boost stamina for more intercourse

* Enhance blood circulation in the penile area

* Make the penis firm and strong

* Restore male confidence

* No side effects

* 100% organic and natural


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Cobra 200 is the best timing tablet for men. It consists of sildnafil, which

is an active ingredient to increase the power and stamina for lasting pleasure.

It also increases the penis size and makes you have a powerful, long-lasting

erection. It controls premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in men to

make your bed partner happy. Restore male confidence and give you more pleasure.


Use one pill before 15-20 minutes of sexual activity. It is not recommended

for people under 18’s and it is not for people who have any severe health