Virginity Hygiene



Natural feminine hygiene formula

Promote vaginal tightening

Strengthen vaginal muscles

Prevent unpleasant vaginal odor

Prevent leucorrhea

Prevent bacterial and fungal infections of vagina

Cause no side effects


Please consult a gynecologist before using this vaginal hygiene product. Do not use this product at least 3 months before and after childbirth.


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Product Description:

Virginity Hygiene is a safe and effective natural feminine hygiene formula that makes your vagina tight like a virgin lady.

Mode Of Action:

Its advanced formula contains all-natural ingredients that offer multiple benefits. It quickly penetrates vaginal skin that promotes vaginal tightening and strengthens vaginal muscles. This miraculous vaginal product prevents leucorrhea and reduces unpleasant vaginal odor. It also prevents bacterial and fungal infections to maintain vaginal hygiene.


Each bottle contains 25ml product. Use its dropper and carefully drop 5-7 drops in your vagina. Use it daily or follow the instructions of your physician.