Slimming no 1



Each bottle contains 450mg x 60 pills. Take two pills daily, one before breakfast and one after dinner. Do not overdose to avoid side effects.


All-natural slimming formula

Burn fatty acids from all parts of your body

Speed up body’s natural metabolic rate

Suppress appetite

Provide fiber, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients

No side effects


Please see a licensed dietician before using these all-natural slimming pills.


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Product Description:

Slimming No 1 is an all-natural slimming formula to get a perfect body figure without exercise or regular diet.

Mode Of Action:

This herbal slimming product is designed to burn fatty acids from all parts of body. It reduces the rate of deposition of fatty acids in adipose tissues and increases elimination of fatty acids from adipose tissues. It works by increasing body’s metabolic speed and suppressing appetite to get a perfect figure in just one month.

Important instruction:

Before Using these Tablets contact to Doctor. Heart patient, High blood pressure, diabetes patient Use this medicine after counseling a specialist Doctor.  Without Doctor Guidance, it causes side effects on Your Health.