Black horse vital honey – price 250 AED


  • Benefits:-

It fights the severe premature ejaculation problem

It effectively controls the premature ejaculation problem caused by stress and excessive masturbation

It helps to enhance the sex drive

It increases the sperm count

It helps the sperm swim faster, be motile, and last longer

It resolves seminal leakage

It increases energy

It reduces anxiety and depression level

It boosts the production of brain neurotransmitter hormones

It helps in the recovery from sexual exhaustion issue

It helps the sperm swim faster, be motile an,d last longer

It assists to sustain a hard erection during sex

It calms the hypersensitive nerves

It improves the ejaculation repair process

It prevents the sex impotence issue

It encourages the central nervous system

It provides healthy nutrients to stop nervousness

Price:- 250 AED


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  • Product Description

Black Horse Vital Honey Price in UAE solves issues like stress. Depression in anyone’s sex life causes different sex problems and this product is specially made to resolve all problems like sexual impotence, low libido, and sterility.

Increasing male vitality assists you to last longer in bed. All the natural herbs are mixed with pure honey to form this beneficial product. Black Horse Vital is an herbal remedy for premature ejaculation and it will also restore body strength, reduce chronic allergies, enhance the body’s immune level, relieve stress and anxiety,  and positively affects on over health.

  • Ingredients

– 93% of Pure Honey

– 3% of Radix Eurycoma Longifilia

– 2% of Radix Panax Ginseng

– 2 % of Royal Jelly