25000 Delay Spray


    • Advantages:-

    Increase sexual timing upto 30 minutes

    100% Original

    No side effect

    Use 15 minutes before intercourse

    Pack Size:- 40ml in 1 spray



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    • Product Description

    This spray is most useful for those who only have a few minutes during sexual intercourse. Usage of Delay Shark Spray can make the individual last up to two to four hours in bed. For both partners, this can lead to more sexual satisfaction, on and maintaining an erect penis help the female partner achieves orgasm. It can be sometimes difficult to satisfy your partner. But this delay spray can help you change your life. Delay shark spray can help you in increasing your sex time.

    It is the best product for happy sex because it does not have any harmful ingredients added nor does it has any side effects. Surprise your partner by using delay shark spray and making your sexual intercourse last longer.

    • How To Use:-

    For a few minutes apply the spray to the penis before sexual intercourse. The main purpose of the spray is to decrease the sensitivity of the genital organ during sexual intercourse, as well as in preventing premature ejaculation. It also helps the female to achieve proper organism sexual satisfaction. Use this delay spray with the advice of a doctor.


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